Rental Terms and Conditions


Any Product supplied to the Hirer by the Owner under this Agreement is to be returned to the Owner at the end of the Agreement in a good, clean and marketable condition and in line with the Hirer’s Vehicle Return Standards (as updated or amended from time to time).

The following does not constitute Fair Wear and Tear and must be remedied by the Hirer (at the Hirer’s cost) at the end of the Agreement:

  1. Broken or damaged items with missing components or parts that were fitted as standard equipment to the Product or were subsequently fitted to the Product
  2. Accident damage
  3. Corrosion or contamination caused by the goods carried by the Hirer (or any sub-hirer thereof) and which could have been prevented by immediate attention to avoid further damage or deterioration
  4. Any defect or condition that would be in breach of any statutory requirements
  5. Fabric tears, burns or split seams and all cab and body exterior panels and internal trim damage
  6. Any damage to the cab interior caused by the fitment of mobile phones, reversing aids, navigation systems or CB radios
  7. Cracks, damage or discolouration to any glass surface which would make the Product un-roadworthy
  8. Any decals, glue and sign writing on cab and/or body work
  9. Deterioration of the curtains (where relevant)
  10. Major leaks or defects in the driveline, mechanical, electrical, electronic, compressed air, air valve, hydraulic components or systems (unless such defect is a manufacturer defect)
  11. Flat and/or defective batteries (incapable of starting the Product from cold)
  12. Damage caused by the removal of any fittings installed after delivery (including, without limitation, tail lifts, hydraulic loaders etc.)
  13. Tyres with a minimum tread depth of less than 5mm above the minimum road worthy standard
  14. Cuts to tyres in the side wall or tread

In addition to the above, any Product to be returned to the Owner at the end of the Agreement in accordance with this Agreement must be returned by the Hirer:

  1. In a clean and tidy state and with ‘first life’ bodywork (where relevant), unless clearly stated otherwise and adjusted at the time the Product was supplied
  2. With the keys and any additional/replacement keys (a breach of which requires the Hirer to pay for the replacement key + an administration fee of $100)
  3. In the same colour as when it was delivered and to a good industry standard (and if returned in a different colour or in a colour that has a lower category to the original colour, a charge of $5,000 will be payable by the Hirer)
  4. With any tyres requiring replacement to be replaced of a recognised premium brand (a breach of which entitles the Owner to charge the Hirer the cost of a new tyre)
  5. With the full tool kit (including lifting jack) and all accessories that were initially supplied to the Hirer with the Product

Maintenance & Repair

All vehicles are covered by the ‘Complete’ Maintenance & Repair package. Please see exclusions in the attached policy which we will not cover:

Maintenance & Repair Schedule